In Another World

by Tony Mentzer

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Falling 05:50
It doesn’t do me any good to sit here wonderin’ Yeah my heart it starts a-hurtin’ and my head it goes numb I can’t ever change what’s already gone down But it troubles me how I could ever be so dumb Well there ain’t no use in cryin’ And there ain’t no use in even tryin’ Some of us seem so strange When some of us change I guess I couldn’t have loved you more than I did But my heart it starts-a wonderin’, I don’t know why I wasn’t even lookin’ back to where your heart was cryin’ Yeah you never miss your water til your well runs dry Chorus You may think I’m fancy-free, livin’ on the edge On the surface I guess I’m doin’ alright The thing’s that go unsaid, my guilt, my shame, my anger And your sweet love that haunts me in the night Chorus I’m not beggin’ for pity, I’m not beggin’ for sorrow I’m beggin’ you for one more chance with you Cause while it might seem so strange to you right now If you’ll open up your eyes you’ll see I’m changin’ too Chorus When some of us change (x4)
hey mary, where you goin’ you sure look good tonight i talked to paul just the other day he said you were doin’ alright i really should-a kept in touch but i am not that way so i guess i’ll just see you around on some other day everybody looks fantastic bought it with a piece of plastic hey joe, i heard you wife just ran away she just had to go i guess you’ll be headin’ out soon the weather’s nice down in mexico now i just turn my heels and run and not only that and what’s more i’ll give you a call when you get done cleanin’ your .44 everybody looks fantastic bought it with a piece of plastic nobody seems to be afraid to live beyond their means but the courage dries up when it’s time to act upon their dreams the love of money is the root of all evil but not the money itself a love of life and a life of love is your greatest wealth
11 00:14
Death Rattle 05:18
Bowl Of Soul 06:34
Yeah the man is comin’, you better start runnin’ You’ll never understand He’ll say that he’s your very best friend But the man is still the man The bastards are accusing but don’t start a-weepin’ You’re higher than a tree You got through the past at a hell of a cost But the future’s still for free You got freedom of this and freedom of that And you’ll never see the chains The maniacal grip of uncle sam’s fist Just doesn’t seem that strange It’s a deal of the cards and a roll of the dice And the dice you are disposed to The proceeds go to the tax of your choice Yeah the tax man truly loves you You’re never gonna lose control When you smoke a bowl of soul The hangman’s noose is gonna cook your goose The rules they rarely bend And only then it’s for the man You’re pissin’ in the wind You look around at the question you found And it makes you wonder why The answer they say is as far away As the stars up in the sky Now god gave birth out of the good brown earth To a weed to calm your mind Smoke a little bit and man, no shit You never know what you’ll find You got your hands in the air like you just don’t care You’re reachin’ for the sky When you’re on the fence it starts to make sense Only when you’re high You’re never gonna lose control When you smoke a bowl of soul (solo) (chorus 2x ad lib)
GOD BLESS UNCLE CREEPY (mentzer) Uncle creepy’s got a great big stack of girlie magazines In his shed, he’s got a hot rod car, a suicide machine He won’t talk to you or anyone else when he’s home alone Uncle creepy’s gone God bless uncle creepy (creepy creepy) (3x) God bless . . . Uncle creepy’s got some scary movies in his VCR A 3D sticer of a creepy skull on his old SG guitar His spends his day makin’ copies at the post office in town Uncle creepy’s gone (chorus) Man, have you seen that uncle creepy? Some kinda weird (chorus)
Dream 05:35
DREAM (Mentzer) Having heard that snapping sound Little man, he turns around To find his life has broken down Dream The pieces scattered every way How and why he could not say Children pick them up to play Dream Man he knows the still of night Hides the cracks until the light Shows the pieces aren’t right Dream Hollow faces deep within Varied memories haunting him His patience wearing very thin Dream
Calculator 04:26


In 1998, Tony followed up his Bakery/Crabapple Records critically acclaimed album, "Smell My Finger" with not one, but five albums of new material which he distributed himself through his own website on custom made CDs. In Another World was performed mostly by Tony on whatever equipment he could get his hands on at the moment.


released February 2, 1998

©1998 Crabapple Records
Performed by Tony Mentzer
All songs by Tony Mentzer, Seven Songs Music, BMI

Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Written and Performed by Tony Mentzer
Dan Sebastian - Drums on "Some Of Us Change"
Todd Parker - something on Mr. Whiffle's Diary

Release # BCDD03
Released MARCH 2013
Digital Release a 2013 co-production of Crabapple Records and Bakery Records


all rights reserved



Tony Mentzer Sharon, Pennsylvania

Singer, songwriter, multi-instumentalist, Tony Mentzer, a native of West Middlesex, PA, was a founding member of regionally successful rock band, The Infidels, before leaving in 1985. It was around this time that Tony began to experiment with the wonders of home 4-track recording and though the equipment has changed over the years, the mission remained the same. Tony passed away in April of 2018. ... more

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